Master Your Vegan Diet

For Busy Vegan Mums who want to have delicious healthy meals that their kids will actually eat, ready in minutes, everyday.

Yes! That's me!

Maybe you...

Feel like you’re in a food rut, and wish someone would just make you a meal plan, but full of healthy food your kids will actually eat

Buy a bunch of kale because you’ve heard it’s so healthy, but then end up throwing it away at the end of the week because you had no idea how to cook it… 

Swear to yourself that you’ll get organised next week, and actually eat all those veggies in the fridge… But tonight you’re too tired, so you’re getting take away

Dream about making a veggie packed curry, and then remember it’ll take 45 minutes to cook the rice alone… So settle for toasties instead. 

Find yourself justifying getting dinner from the local Chinese, because it has more veggies than you’d ever have time to cook.

Feel like you’re caught in the vicious cycle of feeling too tired to cook and relying on convenience foods, but just don’t know where to start

Sign up for meal plan services, but realise they don’t actually save you any time because you still have to figure out a second meal for your kids.

Or maybe you finally get it together and prepped a big curry on the weekend, only to have it run out by Wednesday… And find yourself back on uber eats for Thursday and Friday night's dinner. 

One of the reasons you went vegan was for the magical transformations everyone talks about...

Yeah, the ones where they instantly had heaps of energy, their health problems disappeared overnight, and they lost all their extra weight. 

But while you tried the super healthy food at the start, but the novelty quickly wore off when you were faced with the reality that wholegrains, veggies and legumes actually take a lot of effort to prepare, and it really doesn’t feel worth it when your kids refuse to eat most of what you cook anyway

You don’t know when exactly it happened, but these days your shopping trolley is filled with a lot more of the fake meats and convenience foods than you’d ever intended…. 

You’d love to follow those whole food diets, but you just don’t know where you’ll find the time. 

Sound familiar?

Then you're exactly who I've designed Master Your Vegan Diet for...

Yes! I'm in!

Just Imagine...

You come home from work, exhausted. Kicking off your shoes, you walk over to the fridge and smile. All the ingredients for your kids' favourite stir fry are right there waiting for you.

You put on the frying pan, and just 10 minutes later, dinner is on the table.

It's half past eight. Because dinner was so quick and easy, there's barely any washing up. The kids are in bed with full tummies, and you've got the rest of the night to catch up on the latest Bridgerton episodes.

The next morning you're able to grab a nutritious breakfast as you rush out the door. You've got your favourite salad packed for lunch, and you even have some delicious snacks! You know it's going to be a long day, but you've got all the food you need to keep you going.

And the best bit is all this delicious food only took an hour to get prepped on the weekend! You've got your weekends back, AND your weeknights.

Are you ready for this to be your life?

10 minute healthy weeknight meals, and more time for myself? Yes please! 

Master Your Vegan Diet isn’t just a course where I give you all the info and leave you to figure it out on your own.

Nope, we’ll be working together every step of the way to make healthy meals easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Your Own Customised Meal Plan

Together over the 5 weeks, we’ll build a customised meal plan filled with delicious meals that your kids will actually love to eat, and you’ll be able to use again and again.

Complete Vegan Nutrition

We’ll plan your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks that give your family all the nutrition they need, so you’ll know your kids are getting the best start in life.

Strategic Meal Prepping

I'll teach you how to strategically meal prep, so all you'll need is an hour in the kitchen over the weekend for weeknight meals in minutes

Take back your time and energy

You’ll regain your energy, and finally have time to spend with your kids, and for yourself. 

And you'll never be stuck in a food rut again!

With Over 500 Nutritionist Developed Family Friendly Vegan Recipes

You get lifetime access to over 500 nutritionist developed vegan recipes to keep you from ever going back to that food rut! (and know exactly how to swap them into your family’s meal plan).

Here's What We'll Cover

You'll get new content every week, and then we'll have a live practical session on Sundays where I'll show you the techniques in the kitchen and build your meal plan with you.

Don't worry if you can't make the live sessions! They're all recorded and you'll be able to ask questions in the Facebook Group.


Basic Meal Component Prepping

In week 1 I'll teach you how to prep veggies, grains and legumes. This week alone will save hours off your time in the kitchen each week.


Advanced Strategic Meal Prepping

I’ll teach you more advanced meal prepping techniques so you can have all your favourite meals on the table in minutes.


Nutrition and Meal Planning

I’ll teach you exactly what foods each of your family members need each day to make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need, and then we’ll sit down together so everyone can build their own dinner meal plans.


Prep for Breakfasts, Lunches and Snacks

We shift to breakfasts, lunches and snacks, where I teach you prep techniques to make these meals super fast, too.


Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Meal Plan

In our final week, we’ll build the rest of your meal plan, adding in breakfasts, lunches and snacks. 

Don't you just wish someone could do it all for you?

Well, I can! If you sign up for the VIP option, I will build the meal plan for you!

When you sign up for VIP, not only will you get lifetime access to the Master Your Vegan Diet Course and over 500 Recipes,

You'll also get 3 45 minute 1:1 sessions with me:

Session 1: We'll build your 4 week dinner meal plan, using recipes you know your family loves

Session 2: I'll do a full nutrition assessment for your family, and let you know if there are any nutrients missing. We'll go through the results in session 2

Session 3: We'll build your Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks plan, making sure it works for your lifestyle and your family's tastes.


I’m a certified vegan nutritionist, and mum to 2 boys. I’ve been vegan for 6 years, but I never felt like I’d truly “mastered” my vegan diet until last year. After covid hit, I found myself exhausted, carrying more weight than I liked, and eating far more take away and convenience food than I liked….

I knew I needed to eat better, but the thought of cooking elaborate whole foods meals just didn’t appeal… Not to mention there was no chance my kids were going to eat them! 

I decided to start simply, and go from there. The first weeks I just started by prepping ahead some rice and veggies. Each week I had time to prep a bit more, and suddenly it was like a snowball effect where the more I prepped, the less time I had to spend in the kitchen, and the better I felt. 

My energy went through the roof, and for the first time in years I had to go down a size when I went clothes shopping. 

And now I’ve put all of my techniques into a simple system to teach you! 

I can’t wait to work with you to save you hours in the kitchen each week so you can get back to the important things like your kids and self care.


Your Investment

Are you ready for your breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners to be easy AND give your family the nutrition they need?

Start Anytime!

Master Your Vegan Diet Course Only

  • 5 weeks of content and weekly live sessions to learn strategic Meal Prepping, Nutrition and Build Your Meal Plan
  • over 500 Nutrition Developed Recipes
  • Access to the Facebook Group
  • 2 45 minute 1:1 Sessions to Build Your Meal Plan Together
  • 1 Nutrition Assessment for your family
  • 45 minute 1:1 to go through the results of your nutrition assessment



4 fortnightly payments of $67

VIP Package

  • 5 weeks of content and weekly live sessions to learn strategic Meal Prepping, Nutrition and Build Your Meal Plan
  • over 500 Nutrition Developed Recipes
  • Access to the Facebook Group
  • 2 45 minute 1:1 Sessions to Build Your Meal Plan Together
  • 1 Nutrition Assessment for your family
  • 45 minute 1:1 to go through the results of your nutrition assessment



4 fortnightly payments of $249